Sakeshwar Gramin Vikas Seva Sanstha's

Sau. Sundarbai Manik Adsul Polytechnic
(Approved by AICTE, Maharashtra Govt. Recognized by DTE And Affiliated to MSBTE At Post- Chas, Tal. & Dist. - Ahmednagar.)

Department of Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering

    About Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering Department:

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the fast growing fields of engineering. Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in 2010 & which has in continuous excellence and grading with today’s highly technological scenario, which is the educational corporate trend since then. Electronics and Telecommunication engineers interrelates the concept of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering to get useful products for human benefits.

Laboratory Facility:

1. Electronic Workshop Laboratory
2. Digital & Microcontroller Laboratory
3. Communication laboratory
4. Measurement & Control Laboratory
5. Analog Electronics Laboratory
6. Computer Center & Hardware Network Laboratory

Infrastructure Details

Lab Equipment List

Lab Name

Basic Electronics


1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

2. Function Generator

3. Digital Multimeter

4. Digital Power Supply

5. Linear IC trainer kit

6. Multisim Software

7. Bread Board

Lab Name

Microcontroller & VLSI Design Lab


1. Microprocessor Kit

2. Microprocessor 8051 hardware trainer kit

3. Single Channel 8 bit ADC card

4. 8 bit DAC card

5. PIC Microcontroller development kit

6. ARM 7 Development kit

7. DC Motor

8. Stepper Motor

9. Universal Development Platform ( FPGA/CPLD)

10. MPLab Software

11. Xilinux Software

Lab Name

Digital Electronics Lab


1. ALU kit

2. ADC-IC 0808 kit

3. Logic trainer kit

4. Digital IC trainer

5. Shift Registers

6. Adder and Subtractor trainer

Lab Name

Communication Lab


1. CRO(20 MHZ)

2. DSO( 20 MHZ)

3. OFC cables

4. Fiber Optic Analog Link kit



Lab Name

Microwave Lab


1. VSWR meter

2. Microwave test bench

3. Klystron Power supply

Lab Name

Instrumentation Lab


1. LCR Q Meter

2. DSO( 20 MHZ)

3. Pattern Generator

4. PLC trainer kit


6. Logic Analyzer

7. PID controller

8. Temperature Controller

9. DMM

10. Spectrum Analyzer

11. Proteus Software

Lab Name

Audio Video Lab


1. Colour TV

2. Hi-Fi Amplifier

3. Disc Trainer kit



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