Sakeshwar Gramin Vikas Seva Sanstha's

Adsul Technical Campus

Approved By AICTE, Maharasthra Govt. Recognized By DTE
Affiliated to SP Pune University & M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai

About Department of Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering

Electronics aims at making the human life comfortable. Communication connects people and brings them close. The world wide web has led to an ever increasing demand of electronic systems to carry various kinds of informationmodern sophisticated communication systems like analogue multiplexer,optical fiber links,digital routers, image processing and large user application software tools.

Keeping in line with fast changing technology and developments , department's teaching areas include network, microprocessor, communications, VLSI, wireless communications. The department has well equipped laboratories with modern equipment's like spectrum analyzer,logic analyzer,Digital storage oscilloscope,advanced software like MATLAB,proteus, multisim, SCILAB etc.

The department is having highly qualified ,devoted and dedicated staff.The department aims at in delivering quality education to bring engineering with a solid foundation in basic engineering principals and concepts. We strive hard to prepare our students to become technically solid engineer who will stand tall in an ever changing and diverse world.

The light of progressive knowledge and the brilliance of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is chasing the path towards Excellence for achieving an irreplaceable height in the global fraternity.

To develop Electronics and Telecommunication engineers with patriotism and excellence to meet out the irresistible standard par locally and globally.

HOD Profile

Prof. Deshmukh N.V. has completed his B.E. (ENTC)from PDVVP College of Engineering, Ahmednagar and M.E( ENTC) from G.H. Raisoni College, SavitribaiPhule Pune University.His areas of interest are Mechatronics, Electronic Product Design. He has 8 years of teaching experience.He has published 2papers in International Conferences.He has organized several workshops, national conferences, and faculty development programs, various technical and non-technical events at regional and state level. He has attended several Workshops, Seminars.

Infrastructure Details

Lab Equipment List

Lab Name

Basic Electronics


1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

2. Function Generator

3. Digital Multimeter

4. Digital Power Supply

5. Linear IC trainer kit

6. Multisim Software

7. Bread Board

Lab Name

Microcontroller & VLSI Design Lab


1. Microprocessor Kit

2. Microprocessor 8051 hardware trainer kit

3. Single Channel 8 bit ADC card

4. 8 bit DAC card

5. PIC Microcontroller development kit

6. ARM 7 Development kit

7. DC Motor

8. Stepper Motor

9. Universal Development Platform ( FPGA/CPLD)

10. MPLab Software

11. Xilinux Software

Lab Name

Digital Electronics Lab


1. ALU kit

2. ADC-IC 0808 kit

3. Logic trainer kit

4. Digital IC trainer

5. Shift Registers

6. Adder and Subtractor trainer

Lab Name

Communication Lab


1. CRO(20 MHZ)

2. DSO( 20 MHZ)

3. OFC cables

4. Fiber Optic Analog Link kit



Lab Name

Microwave Lab


1. VSWR meter

2. Microwave test bench

3. Klystron Power supply

Lab Name

Instrumentation Lab


1. LCR Q Meter

2. DSO( 20 MHZ)

3. Pattern Generator

4. PLC trainer kit


6. Logic Analyzer

7. PID controller

8. Temperature Controller

9. DMM

10. Spectrum Analyzer

11. Proteus Software

Lab Name

Audio Video Lab


1. Colour TV

2. Hi-Fi Amplifier

3. Disc Trainer kit



Electronics & Telecommunication:

Name:- Prof. Deshmukh N.V.

Designation:- HOD

Qualification:- ME E&TC

Area of Interest :- Mechatronics, Electronic Product Design

Email ID:-

Name:- Prof. Itkalkar S.G.

Designation:-Assistant Professor

Qualification:- ME E&TC

Area of Interest :- Neural Networks, IoT

Email ID:-

Name:- Prof. GundPujari P.S

Designation:-Assistant Professor


Area of Interest :- Control System

Email ID:-

Name:- Prof.Puranik S.C.

Designation:-Assistant Professor

Qualification:- M. Tech VLSI

Area of Interest :- VLSI Design, Power Electronics

Email ID:-

Name:- Prof. Chaudhari V.S.

Designation:-Assistant Professor

Qualification:- ME(Embedded and VLSI)

Area of Interest :- Computer Network and Wireless Communication

Email ID:-